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Chapter 25: Government Finances

Student Web Activity

"Government Revenue"

In this chapter you read about government budgets. Each level of government has several sources of revenue. Government leaders must determine their resources and priorities and create a plan for spending. In this activity you’ll find out some of the sources of revenue for local governments.

Destination Title: The Internal Revenue Service's Understanding Taxes

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window.
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Start at the IRS Understanding Taxes page.

  • Read the information on the page and then click on Activity 3: Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget.

After you have read through these pages, answer the following questions.

Where does the government get the money it needs to provide goods and services?
What does the federal budget do?
Where does most of the federal government's money come from?
Where does most of the federal government's money go?
Contact your local government. Ask for specific information about your local government’s revenue. Create a circle graph showing the different sources of revenue.
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