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Chapter 18: What Is Economics?

Student Web Activity

"Scarcity and Choice"

In this chapter you have learned that economics is the study of how people use limited resources to meet unlimited wants or needs. Consumers, businesses, and governments all must make economic decisions based on scarcity. To make wise choices consumers must understand the type of economy they have and stay informed. They must weigh their needs and wants against the impact the production of those products and services might have on others and the environment.

Destination Title: The U.S. Department of the Interior

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Start at the USDOI Online Web site.

  • In the search window, type ANWR. This stands for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Select the article titled, “Facts: Environmentally Responsible Energy Production in Alaska’s ANWR.”

After reading through the information answer the following questions.

What percentage of area in ANWR is allowed to be covered by oil production and its support facilities?
What percentage of oil used in America comes from foreign sources?
What are some animals mentioned in the article that could be affected by increased oil production?
What is the purpose of this fact sheet?
Consider the provisions the oil producers must ensure in order to produce oil in ANWR and reflect on what you know about the need for oil. Do you consider these provisions attainable? Is the need for oil worth drilling in ANWR? Write a letter to the editor supporting your opinion, either for or against oil production in ANWR.
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