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Chapter 14: Dealing With Community Issues

Student Web Activity

"Environmental Issues"

In this chapter you have read about public policy. One issue that affects everyone, no matter where they live, is the environment. The environment is important to people’s quality of life, and the actions people take can have an impact on the environment. Some scientists believe that our climate is being affected by global warming. In this activity you will learn more about the policies governments around the world are developing to address this concern.

Destination Title: The Environmental Protection Agency

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window.
Need help using your browser for this activity? Click here for tips.

Start at the EPA’s Global Warming Web site.

  • Click on Basic Information. Read the information presented.
  • Return to the main screen and click on Frequently Asked Questions. Scroll down to read the page.
  • Click back to the home page. Then click on What You Can Do and read the information presented.

After you have finished exploring the site answer the following questions.

What is the greenhouse effect?
Why are greenhouse gas concentrations increasing?
What is the largest source of emissions in the U.S.?
Describe three things you can do to help with the problem of global warming.
Design an educational poster about the problem of global warming and things people can do to help. Display your finished posters around the classroom.
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