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Chapter 14: Dealing With Community Issues

Web Activity Lesson Plans

In this chapter you have read about public policy. One issue that affects everyone, no matter where they live, is the environment. The environment is important to people's quality of life, and the actions people take can have an impact on the environment. Some scientists believe that our climate is being affected by global warming. In this activity you will learn more about the policies governments around the world are developing to address this concern.

Lesson Description
In this lesson students will visit the site on global warming that is maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency. After learning about global warming and the greenhouse effect, they will answer several questions and design an educational poster about the problem of global warming.

Instructional Objectives
  1. The learner will be able to define global warming and the greenhouse effect.
  2. The learner will be able to describe the effects of global warming on our environment.
  3. The learner will be able to identify behaviors that may help the problem of global warming.
Student Web Activity Answers
  1. The greenhouse effect is the effect produced as greenhouse gases allow incoming solar radiation to pass through the earth's atmosphere, but prevent most of the outgoing infrared radiation from the surface and lower atmosphere from escaping into outer space. Current life on earth could not be sustained without the natural greenhouse effect.
  2. Scientists generally believe that the combustion of fossil fuels and other human activities are the primary reason for the increased concentration of carbon dioxide.
  3. Fossil fuels burned to run cars and trucks, heat homes and businesses, and power factories are responsible in large part for the increased concentration, but increased agriculture, deforestation, landfills, industrial production, and mining also contribute a significant share of emissions.
  4. Answers will vary.
  5. Students' posters will vary.
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