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Chapter 25: The Region Today: South Asia

Student Web Activities

In South Asia, as in many regions of the world, globalization creates new economic opportunities. Today businesses and industries seek out new markets around the world. In this activity, you will learn more about India's economy and some of the reasons companies might want to do business in India.

Destination Title: Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India

Start at the home page of the Ministry of External Affairs Web site.
  • Click on India in Business at the bottom of the page and then read the information.
  • Click Know India at the top of the screen and then read the links titles India at a Glance and Tourism.
  • Return to the main screen and click on Travel India. From there click on and explore the links title Overview and Traveller’s Corner.

Using the information you gathered from this site, answer the following questions.

What factors of the economy, population, and life in India might attract foreign businesses?
Why is there a good economic climate for tourism-related businesses in India?
What aspects of India's physical and cultural geography might interest visitors?
How objective is this Web site? Why?
Using your research, imagine that you represent a multinational company seeking sites for new hotels. You have decided to propose a location in India. Write a one-page proposal for the company president, stating at least four reasons why you chose India. Then use your research to suggest one of the major cities in India as the hotel's location, based on which city you believe would appeal most strongly to tourists. Support your choice of city with clearly expressed reasons.
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