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Chapter 16: The Region Today: Russia

Student Web Activities

"Lake Baikal"

In this chapter you learned about the impact of humans on the environment of Russia. Disasters such as the fire at Chernobyl and the industrialization of the nation have polluted the air and waterways in parts of Russia. The world’s oldest and deepest lake, Lake Baikal, is no exception. However, in recent times the Russian government has begun to listen to the protests of its people and is starting to curb the pollution in the nation.

Students will research the uniqueness of Lake Baikal and negative impact of pollution on the lake.

Research credible websites and complete the questions and activity that follows:

Where to begin

Take notes as well as record the websites you visit and answer the following questions:

What ocean is the original source of Lake Baikal? What major river flows into the lake? What foreign border is the lake near?
Scientists have developed a theory about the origin of Lake Baikal How was the lake’s deep basin created?
Lake Baikal is considered to be a very stormy lake, producing nearly 20 stormy days a month during autumn. What is the name of strongest wind that blows across Baikal? From where does it originate?
Who were the earliest inhabitants surrounding Lake Baikal? What people group followed during the 9th Century leading to the Buryat people of today? What two religious beliefs have the Buryat combined?
In 1987, the Soviet government finally took action to protect Lake Baikal. What measures did the government take?

Determining Cause and Effect
Observe the effects of industrialization through your study of Lake Baikal. Create a flow chart showing the causes and effects of industrialization on the lake. Further, make a comprehensive list of the positive and negative effects of industrialization. Using your flow chart and list, conduct a class debate over the topic.

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