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Chapter 11: Physical Geography of Europe

Student Web Activities

"Rivers of Europe"

In this chapter you learned about the variety of physical features in Europe, including the different types of water ways. Europeans have come to depend on rivers and canals as a means of transportation, trade, and leisure. Europe has varying types of rivers from the short rivers of Scandinavia to the major rivers of the Danube and Rhine.

Through this activity you will discover the importance of European rivers to transportation, trade, and leisure activities.

Research credible websites and complete the questions and activity that follows:

Where to begin

Take notes as well as record the websites you visit and answer the following questions:

If you were to choose one of the rivers of Europe to visit, which one would it be? What would you be able to do by visiting this river?
Why might the Danube River be known as the queen of European rivers?
What river is responsible for carry the most goods in Germany? What canal helps in this process by linking the North and Black Seas?
What are the two leading countries when it comes to waterway freight? Approximately, how much freight is transported over European waterways annually?

Synthesizing Information
You have been asked to put together a travel brochure for one of Europe’s leading rivers. What type of information might be important to include in such a document. After you have completed your research, design a brochure and share it with your classmates.
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