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Chapter 6: Cultural Geography of the United States and Canada

Student Web Activities

"Immigration to the United States and Canada"

In this chapter you have learned about the population patterns of both the United States and Canada. Both how the populations have grown and shifted over time. In this activity you will examine how immigration to both countries has affected both nations.

Through this activity you will research the impact of immigration on the United States and Canada.

Research credible websites and complete the questions and activity that follows:

Where to begin

Take notes as well as record the websites you visit and answer the following questions:

Find the latest legal immigration statistics for the United States and Canada. List the year and total immigration.
From what areas of the world did the United States and Canada experience the greatest immigration in the above years you found?
What states in the United States have the largest influx of immigrants? Why do you think this is so?
What ethnic group to you and members of your group come from? When did you ancestors begin to come to the United States?
How does illegal immigration differ in the United States than in Canada? What are some problems associated with illegal immigration?
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