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Chapter 5: Physical Geography of the United States and Canada

Student Web Activities

"Natural Resources of the United States and Canada"

In this chapter you learned about the physical geography of the United States and Canada. You have learned about the abundant natural resources of both countries, from fossil fuels and minerals to timber and fishing. However, you also learned that protecting the wealth natural resources is continual struggle for both nations. There is delicate balance between protecting natural resources and using them for the benefit of society.

Through this activity you will begin to understand the importance of protecting natural resources and the consequences of exploiting them for societal needs.

Research credible websites and complete the questions and activity that follows:

Where to begin

Take notes as you visit websites and answer the following questions:

What government agencies in the United States and Canada deal with issues related to natural resources?
What are the leading resources of the United States and Canada? Which of them can be replenished?
What is a current issue in the United States and Canada that is having a negative impact on the natural resources of both countries?
Approximately, how many people are employed by natural resource related companies in the United States? How are they affected by the utilization of natural resources?
Find a piece of legislation from either the United States or Canada dealing with natural resources. What is the designed purpose of the legislation?
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