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Chapter 33: Cultural Geography of Australia and Oceania


Immigrants from many different countries live and work in Australia, and others continue to make the journey. These new cultural influences have encouraged changes in Australia's policies toward multiculturalism. In this lesson you will learn about the people who migrate to Australia, recent immigration trends, and the Australian government's efforts to encourage cross-cultural understanding.

Destination Title: Australian Department of Immigration & Multicultural Affairs

Start at the home page of the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Web site.
  • Under "Multicultural Australia," click on Living in Harmony and follow the link at the top of the page to Community Grants. Ready through this page, taking notes as you go.
  • Return to the main page and click on Media centre at the top of the page. Click Fact Sheets. Under the first heading “Background Information,” review the fact sheet titled “The Evolution of Austrailia’s Multicultural Policies.”
  • Return to the “Media centre” main page. Click on Briefing Kits and then “Immigration, The Facts” under “Information Kits.” Read the article.

Using the information you gathered from this site, answer the following questions.

Who were some of Australia’s early immigrants and what were some of the reasons they migrated?
How have Australia's multicultural policies demonstrated changing attitudes toward cultural diversity?
How does the Australian government's "Community Grants" program support Australia's goal of living in harmony?
How has immigration affected Australia’s economy?
Numerical information such as immigration statistics often show trends over time. Using the data available for settler arrivals by region of birth, create circle graphs that show the data for 1994-1995 and 2004-2005. Include a chart that ranks the regions from largest increase in migrants to smallest increase. Include the difference in numbers of settlers in your chart.
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