Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 37: Freedom of Speech

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

Which of the following statements about the First Amendment right to free speech is true?
A)It was designed to protect the views of the majority.
B)It only protects the person making the communication.
C)It only protects the person receiving the communication.
D)It protects all forms of communication---speeches, books, art, Internet, newspapers, television, radio, and other media.
The "marketplace of ideas" refers to
A)the costs involved in asserting one's rights to free speech.
B)the diversity of views that can be expressed from which people will find the truth.
C)the restrictions placed on speech so that only the truth will be allowed in the marketplace.
D)prior censorship.
The right to free speech also includes
C)the right not to associate with others who have a different message.
D)speech that communicates no message.
In regard to obscenity, the government has the power to
A)restrict it to adults.
B)prohibit it for adults and minors.
C)limit access by minors.
D)limit access by adults to nighttime viewing.
Jeremy falsely reported that the fish sold as ecologically sustainable at a higher price at the food co-op is the same fish sold in regular food stores. The co-op's sales of its fish dropped by half. Jeremy's statement
A)is protected free speech.
B)is protected commercial speech.
C)is defamation not protected by free speech.
D)is subject to prior censorship.
Commercial speech that can be banned includes
A)advertising for pharmacists on prescription drug prices.
B)advertising by lawyers.
C)advertising for products that are legal.
D)false or misleading advertisements.
Mike called Tim the n-word. Tim responded by hitting Mike. Mike's speech is
A)not protected free speech because it amounts to fighting words.
B)protected free speech.
C)restricted to time, place, and manner.
A public college penalizes students who speak or act in a way that stigmatizes any individual on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and other bases. This code will likely be
A)upheld if challenged on free speech grounds.
B)struck down as a violation of free speech.
C)easy to apply in specific situations.
D)restricts time, place, and manner expressions of speech.
John "gave the finger" to another motorist who cut him off. Giving the finger is
A)symbolic speech protected by free speech.
B)fighting words.
C)not protected speech.
D)restricted in time, place, and manner.
When laws regulating children's access to pornography have been struck down because the laws also limit adult access to information, this is because these laws
A)are vague.
B)restrict time, place, and manner.
C)are obscene.
D)are overinclusive.
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