Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 36: Introduction to Constitutional Law

Cases and Resources

Amendments to the Constitution
Basic Constitutional Law Principles

Amendments to the Constitution
National Constitution Center
The National Constitution Center is located in Philadelphia, and is dedicated to increasing public understanding of, and appreciation for, the Constitution. Visit this page to find out more about the museum, its mission, and the Constitution.

Constitutional Amendments
Learn how amendments are proposed and passed. What are the ways the Constitution can be changed?

The U.S. Constitution (Legal Information Institute)
If there is one particular clause in the Constitution that you would like to read, use this site to link to the clause by scrolling down a list of topics.

The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution in 1791, after the Constitution was written. Learn why the Bill of Rights was passed and take a closer look at the debate over these rights.

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Basic Constitutional Law Principles
Constitutional Law: An Overview
Explore this overview of Constitutional law to get a better understanding of the significant role the Constitution plays in our legal system. Click on the links on the right side of the screen to learn more about each area of Constitutional law.

Human Rights Web
Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at this site. Almost every country in the world agrees to these basic standards, and the UN accepts and promotes this Declaration. Are all of these rights guaranteed to U.S. citizens by the Bill of Rights? Which aren't, and why do you think they're not included?

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