Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 34: Separation, Divorce, and Custody

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

When a married couple separate, they
A)are free to remarry.
B)are not free to remarry.
C)do not have legal and financial responsibilities for each other.
D)must file their division of property with the court.
When parents divorce, they
A)have no further legal obligations for each other and the children.
B)have further legal obligations for their children.
C)are not free to remarry.
D)can delay the decision about how to divide the property and debt.
_____ is a type of divorce in which informal discussions and conferences attended by both parties and their lawyers settle all issues.
A)Pro se divorce
B)Collaborative divorce
C)Covenant divorce
D)No-fault divorce
In states with no-fault divorces, the petitioning spouse must show
A)physical cruelty.
D)irreconcilable differences.
The easiest divorce to obtain is
A)one following a covenant marriage.
B)fault-based divorce.
C)no-fault divorce.
D)one following adultery by one spouse.
Child custody decisions are decided on the basis of
A)the child's wishes.
B)the best interest of the child.
C)the financial ability of one parent to provide a stable home.
D)the emotional ties of the mother to the child.
Joint custody means that
A)the noncustodial parent will pay child support.
B)the noncustodial parent will have visitation.
C)both parents have full responsibility and an equal say in parenting decisions.
D)one parent gets one child and the other parent gets the other child.
When deciding whether to order alimony, a court will consider the
A)traditional role of the wife not to work outside the home.
B)number of children from the marriage.
C)financial status of both spouses.
D)premarital standard of living for the spouse seeking alimony.
Nothing in the child support portion of Mathilda and Josiah's divorce decree says anything about paying for child support if their son goes to college. The son has a right to
A)have the noncustodial parent pay for college.
B)no child support for college.
C)petition the court to force the noncustodial parent to pay child support for college.
D)require the custodial parent to sue the noncustodial parent for child support for college.
Stepparents become full parents of stepchildren when they
A)marry the custodial parent.
B)act as a parent to the stepchildren.
C)hold themselves out as common-law parents.
D)adopt the stepchildren.
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