Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 33: Foster Care and Adoption

Cases and Resources

Foster Care

Foster Care
So, You Want to Be a Foster Parent?
The National Foster Parents' Association has published an article on the challenges that a foster parent may face. Before becoming a foster parent, it is important to understand the difficulties that may lie ahead.

Foster Care Independence Act
Read a summary of the most significant provisions of this act. How does this law protect children?

Foster Parent Responsibilities
This list of responsibilities emphasizes each area of a child's development that a foster parent must nurture. How are the responsibilities for foster parents different for adopted or biological children of parents?

Foster Club for Youth is a site dedicated to youth in foster care. Take a closer look at the personal stories of young people in foster care, issues that arise in their daily lives, and assistance programs offered to foster kids.

Family Reunification or Termination of Parental Rights?
This real case presents how a court decides if parents and children should be reunited after foster care or if the parent's rights should be terminated and the child permanently placed in an adoptive home. Are the cases always this easy to decide?

Child Protective Services: Deciding if a Child Should be Removed from Home
The state of Oregon's Department of Human Services provides guidelines for how decisions are made when a child's safety may be at risk.

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Adoption: An Overview
Read an overview of adoption and the legal issues involved in making non-biological parents the legal parents of a child.

Adoption and Foster Care Statistics
Browse statistics concerning adoption in the United States. What are the trends? How many children are adopted each year?

Opening Adoption Records
Read about the differences between open and closed adoptions, as well as the pros and cons of open adoptions.

Legal Overview of Surrogacy
Read this overview of the legal aspects surrounding surrogacy.

Interracial Adoption
Adopting a child that is a different race from the parents creates a unique family that faces unique challenges. This site explores issues that arise from the sharing of different races and cultures within the same family. Read stories of parents and children in interracial families.

Palmore v. Sidoti
In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that race should not be considered when deciding whether or not to remove a child from his home. Read the full opinion or a summary, and listen to oral arguments at this site.

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