Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 32: Parents and Children

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

The law can force people against their will to
A)get married.
B)get divorced.
C)have children.
D)support their children.
Children may be emancipated by
A)running away.
B)graduating from high school.
C)turning 21.
D)getting married.
Parents are legally required to
A)provide cosmetic surgery for their children.
B)pay for college.
C)make sure their children practice religion.
D)discipline their children.
Jeffrey continually disobeys his parents and runs away. He may be charged with
A)a crime.
B)a status offense.
C)a violation of the civil code.
D)a rule violation.
An argument in support of parental responsibility laws is that they
A)shift responsibility away from children.
B)have a greater adverse affect on single parents.
C)further the conflict between parent and child.
D)require parents to fulfill their duty to supervise their children.
Ten-year-old Patricia inherits $10,000 from her grandmother. Patricia
A)does not have the right to stop her parents from spending the money as they choose.
B)does not have the right to stop her parents from spending the money on family needs.
C)has the right to get the money now and spend it.
D)has the right to have the funds set aside in a bank account until she reaches adulthood.
Maloit eats a macrobiotic diet. Her 3-year-old daughter has been hospitalized for severe malnutrition because of this diet. Maloit has committed
A)the crime of assault.
B)child abuse.
C)child neglect.
D)no violation of the law.
Studies show that increased number of _____ is a consequence of child abuse and neglect.
B)drive-by shootings
C)sports injuries
D)reckless driving
A day care worker inappropriately touches the private area of a 3-year-old student. _____ can be sued for damages.
A)Only the day care worker
B)The day care worker and the day care owner
C)No one
D)Only the day care owner
Mishra, a school nurse, notices that young Henry has a major bruise and reports him to the child welfare agency. It turns out that there is no child abuse. Mishra
A)had no duty to report child abuse.
B)can be sued for making a false report.
C)cannot be sued because she made a good faith report of abuse.
D)cannot be sued even if she knew it was not a case of child abuse.
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