Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 31: Marriage

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

_____ is a requirement for a formal marriage in every state.
A)premarital counseling
B)a blood test
C)a marriage license
D)a wedding service by a religious person
Marriage is a(n) _____ between two persons who agree to live as spouses.
C)set of nonbinding promises
Marrying or having sexual relations with a close relative is a crime known as
B)statutory rape.
C)sexual offense.
Sasha had her marriage to Jacob annulled. When she lists her marital status on an employment form, she can say she is
A)single, never married.
B)single, divorced.
One requirement for a common-law marriage is
A)a blood test.
B)a marriage license.
C)an agreement to be married.
D)a wedding ceremony.
If a couple creates a common-law marriage in a state that recognizes the relationship as legal,
A)the marriage will be illegal in states that do not recognize common-law marriages.
B)the couple must get a divorce to end the common-law marriage.
C)the spouse will not be entitled to federal benefits in the same was as couples married in a wedding ceremony.
D)the surviving spouse will not have rights to inherit from the deceased spouse unless there is a will.
Under the traditional rule that a husband has a legal duty to provide his wife with necessities, if the husband fails to do this, the wife
A)must do without these items.
B)must get a job and pay for them.
C)must get government benefits.
D)may purchase these items and make her husband pay.
Any property that a person owned before marrying
A)belongs to the spouses equally.
B)belongs only to the person who owned the property before marriage.
C)becomes community property.
D)becomes marital property.
The law requires that children in a marriage have the last name of
A)the father.
B)the mother.
C)both father and mother.
D)any surname the parents choose.
Domestic violence
A)is related to poverty and lack of education.
B)affects men and women in equal numbers.
C)affects an estimated 4,000,000 women each year.
D)is less likely to result in serious injuries than assaults committed by strangers.
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