Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 29: Housing and the Consumer

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

A lease is
A)a rental agreement.
B)an application to rent an apartment.
C)a contract between a landlord and a mortgage company.
D)a legally binding agreement to sell property.
A month-to-month lease
A)allows a tenant to leave after giving 30 days notice.
B)allows a tenant to rent for an indefinite period.
C)allows a tenant to rent for a specific period of time.
D)must be in writing to be enforceable in court.
Alex is renting his first apartment. He wants a lease that will allow him to stay at least one year in the apartment. The best type of lease is
A)tenancy at will.
B)tenancy for years.
C)month-to-month tenancy.
D)private tenancy.
Terms in a lease
A)are set by law and cannot be changed.
B)may be negotiated with a landlord.
C)are dictated by the landlord and cannot be changed.
D)are set by the local housing authority and cannot be changed.
A tenant's most important duty is to
A)make sure the unit is clean.
B)report the need for repairs to the landlord.
C)read all the notices from the landlord in the apartment building.
D)pay the rent on time.
If Judy has a lease for one year with a landlord, the landlord can
A)never raise the rent during that year.
B)raise the rent during the year only if taxes, fuel, and sewer and water costs go up.
C)raise the rent during the year only if there is an escalation clause in the lease.
D)not raise the rent unless state legislation allows it.
Burke's 15-year-old son is selling crack cocaine from his father's apartment. The landlord may
A)evict Burke and his family only if there is a clause in the lease that prohibits criminal activity.
B)not evict Burke and his family unless Burke was also selling drugs.
C)evict Burke and his family even without a clause in the lease prohibiting criminal activity.
D)not evict Burke and his family under any circumstance.
Marina is injured when the rotted wooden steps into her apartment building collapsed. The landlord knew of the problem but had not made repairs. The lease states that the landlord shall not be held liable for any injuries to the tenant regardless of cause. Marina
A)has waived her right to hold the landlord responsible and cannot sue the landlord for her injuries.
B)can probably hold the landlord responsible since these clauses are generally seen as unlawful.
C)is solely responsible for her actions.
D)cannot hold the landlord responsible because Marina herself never reported the problem to the landlord.
Quiet enjoyment is a
A)right of tenants to have no noise interrupt their sleeping.
B)right of landlords to rent their property to whomever they choose.
C)right of tenants to use and enjoy the premises without interference.
D)right of landlords to have tenants live quietly in their rented apartment.
Which of the following is a factor that contributes to homelessness in the United States?
A)lack of affordable housing
B)lack of motivation in individuals to get work
C)laws that favor landlords
D)desire of young people to live on their own
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