Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 29: Housing and the Consumer

Cases and Resources

Leases: A Special Kind of Contract
Landlord-Tenant Negotiations
Homelessness: Is There a Right to Housing?

Leases: A Special Kind of Contract
Types of Rental Agreements
Not all leasing contracts are the same. Learn the differences among types of rental agreements.

Consumer Jungle: Life Simulations
The idea of living on his or her own can be very exciting for a young person. Use the activities and information on this site to consider what living on your own would entail.

Illegal Provisions in Rental Agreements
Contracts can never contain illegal provisions, even if both parties agree. Read the some provisions that are illegal in Washington state.

Leases and Rental Agreements FAQs
Find the answers to some common questions about signing a lease. Click on the links on the right to learn more about renting property and the rights of tenants.

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Landlord-Tenant Negotiations
Landlord-Tenant Law: Overview
The guide outlines the areas covered by landlord-tenant law and details the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Read Your Lease
Even if you did not read your lease when you signed it, you are probably still bound to all the terms in the lease. Read this article on reading and understanding your lease. As the article notes, it is always a good idea to keep a copy of your lease when you sign one.

Tenant Resource Directory
Click on your state and learn about the rights of all tenants. Use this directory to find offices in your state that assist tenants in learning and protecting their rights.

Tenant's Rights: Repairs
Read this information about how a tenant should advocate for his or her rights when a landlord fails to do repairs. This publication provides information on how to find organizations that assist tenants in suing for repairs.

Renters' Rights
When they enter into a lease, landlords and tenants both agree to certain conditions. Explore this site with links to articles explaining the rights and responsibilities of renters.

Rental and Security Deposits
States often have detailed laws regarding security deposits that many tenants and landlords are unaware of or do not follow. Read this information on the deposits a tenant may be required to put down before moving in. Find out how to protect your money and ensure that you will get the money back upon moving out.

A Landlord's Right of Entry
Landlords generally cannot enter a tenant's home without permission. Under what circumstances can a landlord access a tenant's home and inspect the property? Read the facts on this topic and protect your privacy.

Sublet, Share, and Assign Apartments
Familiarize yourself with the rights of tenants to sublet, share, or assign the leases on their homes. Note that sometimes the lease you signed may not accurately state your rights in this area.

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Homelessness: Is There a Right to Housing?
Facts About Homelessness
Take a closer look at the issue of homelessness, why people are homeless, and what homeless people need most.

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
This site provides information on the legal rights of homeless people and what is being done to create more affordable housing. Without a home, some school-age children find it difficult to register for school. Learn about the rights of these students.

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