Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 28: Cars and the Consumer

Cases and Resources

Buying a Car

Buying a Car
Consumer Jungle: Cars
Visit this site designed for young people to learn the basics on purchasing a car. There are activities on buying a car and tips to help you avoid making a bad deal.

Consumer Information Center: Buying a New Car
This article contains information that helps the consumer learn the meaning of terms involved in purchasing a new car. In addition, there is a blank worksheet to help the consumer identify what features are important to him or her in a new car and a way to compare such features.

Car Talk: Auto Safety
Auto safety continues to be an important issue, especially for young people. This site, maintained by National Public Radio, is an excellent resource to begin research on auto safety.

Understanding Lease Terminology
The language of an automobile lease can be challenging to understand. Use this guide to learn what the terms mean in a lease.

Deciding to Purchase or Lease
Explore this site and download the companion worksheet (on the right side of the page, under "downloads") to help decide whether to lease or purchase a car. Fill out the worksheet and compare the costs and benefits of leasing or purchasing a car.

Consumer Leasing Act
Read the Consumer Leasing Act. Now read an overview of the act to gain a better understanding of how this act helps consumers.

Truth in Lending Act
Read the Truth in Lending Act. What does this law require?

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