Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 21: Strict Liability

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

What does strict liability mean?
A)The defendant's actions will be strictly interpreted as to whether they are reasonable.
B)The defendant is liable to the plaintiff for his or her negligent behavior.
C)The defendant is liable to the plaintiff even if the defendant acted in a reasonable and prudent manner.
D)The defendant is not liable for the injuries because the plaintiff was not injured.
To prove strict liability, one must prove
A)duty, breach, causation, and damages.
B)duty, breach, and causation.
C)duty and damages.
D)causation and damages.
Which activity does strict liability apply to?
A)driving a car
B)lighting firecrackers
C)using toxic chemicals and hazardous materials
D)owning a pet that has no history of harming any person
Strict liability for defective products results in
A)lower prices for consumers.
B)greater incentives for companies to design safe products.
C)less testing of products before they are sold.
D)fewer warnings on products.
What are class action lawsuits?
A)In a class action lawsuit individuals sue for damages caused by a person's class and status.
B)Class action lawsuits are strict liability suits for defective products.
C)Class action lawsuits involve many people in the same lawsuit suing for damages.
D)Class action lawsuits ask for a court order to remove a product from being made.
Vaccines that are unavoidably risky to use are
A)always subject to strict liability.
B)sometimes subject to strict liability and sometimes subject to negligence standards.
C)always subject to negligence standards.
D)never subject to negligence standards.
Leo's Demolition Company blows up the old sports stadium in town. At the moment the structure implodes, Gino who lives a mile away has a heart attack and dies. What is Leo's best defense to a strict liability lawsuit by Gino's wife?
A)Leo's Demolition Company was prudent and cautious.
B)No one else was injured.
C)Leo's Demolition Company acted reasonably.
D)The implosion did not cause the heart attack.
Val's Kitchen Appliances makes a food chopper. In using the food chopper, the cutting blade broke off and cut Abraham. If Abraham sues Val for making a defective product, what is Val's best defense?
A)Abraham ignored the clear safety warnings.
B)Val's Kitchen Appliances did not breach a duty of care to Abraham.
C)Val's Kitchen Appliances did not owe a duty of care to Abraham because Abraham's mother had purchased the chopper.
D)Abraham assumed the risk of using a dangerous product.
Why is it more difficult to prove a negligence case than a strict liability case?
A)Negligence cases require that a plaintiff prove duty, breach, causation, and injuries while strict liability cases require only proof of causation and damages.
B)Public policy frowns on negligence cases and therefore makes them harder to prove.
C)Strict liability cases are against large corporations that can more easily pay for damages.
D)The burden of proof in negligence cases is higher than in strict liability cases.
Mikaela opened a bungee jumping business. Customers tie rubber cords to their ankles and jump off a bridge so that they bounce up and down. To avoid lawsuits, customers are required to sign a waiver of liability. If people are injured while bungee jumping, what type of tort suit covers this situation?
A)This would be battery because it involves harmful contact.
B)This would be strict liability because it is an extremely dangerous activity.
C)There would be no liability because the customers signed the waiver.
D)There would be liability only if Mikaela was negligent.
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