Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 9: Crimes Against the Person

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

Excusable homicide is
A)a less serious crime than manslaughter.
B)a more serious crime than manslaughter.
C)punished the same as murder in the second degree.
D)not a crime.
The degrees of murder were created to reflect
A)the killer's state of mind or circumstances surrounding the killing.
B)more sympathetic juries.
C)society's view that all intentional killing is a crime.
D)that rehabilitation can work in some cases.
George kills Leon immediately after learning than Leon had abused his son. George has committed
A)voluntary manslaughter.
B)no crime.
C)negligent homicide.
D)involuntary manslaughter.
After learning that Leon has abused his son, George goes to the court and then kills Leon as he is being taken back to jail. George has committed
A)voluntary manslaughter.
B)murder in the first degree.
C)negligent homicide.
D)involuntary manslaughter.
Suicide in the United States
A)is a felony.
B)occurs less often in the United States than homicides.
C)is one of the leading causes of teen deaths.
D)is attempted by most people at some times in their lives.
Today, the difference between criminal assault and battery
A)has no practical difference.
B)is defined that assault is a misdemeanor and that battery is a felony.
C)is defined that assault is also a tort but that battery is not.
D)is defined that battery is a tort but that assault is not.
Martin has sexual intercourse with a 25-year-old developmentally disabled woman who is not capable of consenting to sex. Martin has committed
A)forcible rape.
C)statutory rape.
Jane, who is 21 years old, has been dating 15-year-old Lo for 3 weeks. They have sexual intercourse with each other. Jane is guilty of
A)no crime.
C)forcible rape.
D)statutory rape.
Rape shield laws
A)prevent media coverage of rape trials.
B)require convicted rapists to go to prison.
C)prohibit rape defendants from presenting evidence about the victim's sexual history.
D)prohibit prosecutors from calling defendants in rape cases to testify.
Janine passes out from too much alcohol while on a date with Samson. She later discovers that Samson has had sex with her. Samson has committed
A)forcible rape.
B)acquaintance rape.
C)statutory rape.
D)no crime.
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