Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 16: Juvenile Justice

Cases and Resources

History and Overview of Juvenile Courts
Status Offenses
Juvenile Justice Today

History and Overview of Juvenile Courts
Juvenile Justice: A Century of Change
Explore this Web site, hosted by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, which reviews the history of the juvenile justice system as well as the effectiveness of reducing juvenile crimes.

The Nature of the Court Today
This article explains the juvenile justice system today, the types of offenders handled by the courts, and what types of sentences exist.

Term Definitions
Learn the definitions and examples of terms used in the juveniles justice system.

Juvenile Crime Reports and Statistics
This index of different reports and statistics on juvenile crime is a great place to begin research or get a larger picture of the prevalence of juvenile crime.

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Status Offenses
National Runaway Switchboard
This national organization provides information and assistance to juvenile runaways. Look through the site to learn more and discover ways you can help.

Status Offense Cases
What are status offenses? Who commits status offenses?

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Juvenile Justice Today
Juvenile Justice: An Overview
Read the overview of juvenile justice at .

Teen Curfew: Sonoma, California
Read a news story describing the struggle among town residents over the curfew laws in Sonoma, California. Consider the arguments of all positions.

In re Gault
Read a summary of the Supreme Court case holding that juvenile delinquents should receive some of the same due process rights of adults. From this page, link to the full text of the decision or listen to the oral arguments.

In re Winship
Read a summary of the Supreme Court case holding that juvenile defendants must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, just as adult defendants must be. From this page, link to the full text of the decision or listen to the oral arguments.

McKeiver v. Pennsylvania
Read the full text of the Supreme Court opinion holding that jury trials are not required in juvenile cases.

Schall v. Martin
In this case, the Court held that because of the state's parens patriae interest in overseeing the welfare of children, juvenile proceedings are fundamentally different from adult trials. Read the Court's opinion. What is the Court's reasoning supporting this decision?

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Established by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974, this federal agency is created to fight juvenile crime. Take a closer look at what the office does and the types of power given to the office.

Teenage Boot Camps
Learn about teenage boot camps for delinquent teens and whether these treatment options are effective. This site offers warnings and tips on choosing a boot camp.

Tracking a Case Through Juvenile Court
The procedures in a juvenile court are not the same as those in adult courts. Review an online chart of how a juvenile case typically flows through the system.

Thompson v. Oklahoma
Read the full opinion by the Supreme Court in the case of William Wayne Thompson, a 15-year-old murderer.

National Center for Youth Law
This site offers articles and advocacy for issues relating to young people and the law. Read about homelessness, family situations, issues in specific states, child support and benefits, and many other topics regarding youth and the law.

Youth Law Center
Explore this site dedicated to servicing youth looking for a permanent and safe home. What does this organization do to help young people in need?

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