Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 15: Criminal Justice Process: Sentencing and Corrections

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

Rehabilitation is a goal of sentencing served most directly by
A)imprisonment for five years.
B)a fine of $5,000.
C)a death sentence.
D)a probation with the requirement to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
The Three Strikes Law
A)addresses corruption in baseball.
B)gives attorneys three challenges to remove potential jurors from the jury pool.
C)requires more serious punishment for persons convicted of two felonies in the past.
D)allows defendants to call up to three witnesses to testify on their behalf.
As a result of inconsistencies in sentencing, Congress and many states have passed laws that
A)limit the discretion of the judge.
B)give more discretion to the sentencing judge.
C)require convicted felons to spend life in prison without parole.
D)allow any sentencing option that a judge feels best serves the defendant and the community.
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that lethal injection
A)is a constitutional method of execution since veterinarians use injections to put animals down.
B)is constitutional, as it does not create a substantial risk of wanton and unnecessary pain, torture, or lingering death.
C)is unconstitutional because the three-drug procedure can fail to work causing the prisoner extreme suffering.
D)is unconstitutional because it is an intentional taking of life by the government.
If a defendant is sentenced to five years in prison in a state that has a parole system, the defendant will serve
A)five years in prison and then be released on parole.
B)no time in prison but will be supervised in the community for five years by a parole officer.
C)serve some time in prison and then may be released under supervision prior to the end of the five years.
D)serve some time on parole and then spend the remainder in prison.
JJ was sentenced to die for the rape of a woman. His sentence
A)is unconstitutional.
B)will be carried out within one year.
C)will be carried out within five years.
D)will be carried out within 20 years.
To be constitutional, death penalty laws must
A)give great discretion to juries.
B)require that mitigating circumstances be considered.
C)require that aggravating circumstances be considered.
D)require that mitigating and aggravating circumstances be considered.
Prisoners have _____ constitutional rights in prison as compared to people in the community.
D)the same
The number of people in prison in the United States
A)has dropped dramatically in recent years.
B)has increased dramatically in recent years.
C)has remained the same over the last 20 years.
D)has dropped slightly in recent years.
One phase of the reentry program is
A)education, treatment, and training in prison.
B)work with at-risk youth in schools.
C)drug court.
D)preventative programs for children of ex-offenders.
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