Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 13: Criminal Justice Process: Proceedings Before Trial

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

Which of the following happens to the accused at booking after an arrest?
A)pleading guilty or not guilty
B)getting fingerprinted
C)being informed of their rights
D)having a lawyer appointed
The most important decision at the initial appearance is whether to
A)file a motion to suppress.
B)give a DNA sample.
C)release the defendant from custody.
D)accept a court-appointed attorney.
_____ is an amount of money paid to the court to ensure that the defendant returns for the next court appearance.
A)A fine
Personal recognizance is release from custody by a(n)
A)percentage bond.
B)bond paid to a bail bond company.
C)promise by the accused to return to court.
D)identification of the accused by the judge.
A grand jury
A)is made up of 12 people.
B)determines guilt or innocence.
C)determines whether there is enough evidence to hold a person for trial.
D)holds its hearings with the prosecutor, judge, defense attorney, and defendant.
After an indictment or information is issued, the defendant is required to enter a plea at a
A)grand jury.
B)preliminary hearing.
C)initial hearing.
D)felony arraignment.
After a man was arrested for several highly publicized rapes in one city, his defense attorney made a motion for _____ to avoid being tried by jurors who were aware of the rapes.
A)change of venue
B)suppression of evidence
D)discovery of evidence
When there is a good faith exception to the exclusionary rule, the seized evidence can
A)be used only to show the defendant is lying.
B)not be used against the defendant in the trial.
C)be used against the defendant in the trial.
D)be used only at the sentencing phase.
Plea bargaining benefits the prosecutor by
A)allowing the defendant to plead to a less serious charge.
B)allowing the defendant to get a recommendation for a lighter sentence.
C)avoiding time and expense of a public trial.
D)ensuring that citizens get a chance to sit on juries.
_____ are most likely to object to plea bargaining.
C)Defense attorneys
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