Street Law: A Course in Practical Law

Chapter 10: Crimes Against Property

Student Self-Assessment Quizzes

In recent years, traditional property crimes
A)have increased because Americans use better crime prevention behaviors.
B)have decreased due to better crime prevention behaviors.
C)have remained the same.
D)none of the above.
Vishwa handles the student organization funds. He secretly takes $150 for his own use. He has committed
Shinone enters Tom's house through a window in order to take back the MP3 player she had given him when they were dating. Shinone has committed
B)no crime.
The guilty state of mind required for receiving stolen property is to
A)know that the property is stolen.
B)know or have reason to believe the property is stolen.
C)get something for an incredibly cheap price.
D)be motivated to help the seller.
Sumatra hot-wires a car and drives it for 3 hours before leaving it on the side of the road. Sumatra has committed the crime of
B)receiving stolen property.
D)unauthorized use of a vehicle.
Liu receives a phone call from his credit card security company indicating that there is unusual activity on his account. The caller asks to Liu to confirm his credit card number. Liu should
A)provide the credit card number to prevent fraudulent use of his card.
B)ask more questions of the caller before giving out the credit card number.
C)hang up and call his credit card company using the number on his bill to ensure that the original call was legitimate.
D)ask for a call-back number and then give the caller his credit card number if the caller provides such a call-back number.
The federal requirement that all public schools must provide filtering software for student-accessible computers
A)violates the right of privacy.
B)violates the freedom of speech rights of those sending and receiving information.
C)does not violate freedom of speech rights of those sending and receiving information.
D)none of the above.
JJ accesses the 911 system in another state and reports that a killing has taken place at a specific address. This did not happen. JJ is guilty of violating
A)the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.
B)the USA Patriot Act.
C)the National Information Infrastructure Act of 1996.
D)federal copyright laws.
Akbar buys a new software program and installs it in his laptop and his desktop computers. Akbar has committed
A)no crime.
C)copyright violation.
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