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Selection Quizzes (English)

1.The story “The Fun They Had” takes place 
in the 1950s.
in the 1850s.
in the future.
in the recent past.

2.The unusual item Tommy shows Margie is
a new computer.
an old printed book.
a television screen.
a photo album.

3.Margie doesn’t like her teacher because the teacher
is only interested in geography.
believes girls are not smart
thinks she is lazy.
is mechanical.

4.What fact does Margie NOT learn about students in old schools?
that they studied only geography and math
that they came from the entire neighborhood
that they sat together in the schoolroom
that they helped one another with homework

5.Which of the following might be an implied theme in “The Fun They Had”?
Educating students at home is much better than educating them in schools.
Students who learn by themselves have better focus and learn more.
Teaching only with technology can make students frustrated and unhappy.
Students in past generations were unhappy with the poor education they received.

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