Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 14: Geologic Time

Section 1 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

What is an example of an index fossil?
C)Tyrannosaurus rex
Order the divisions of geologic time from the longest to the shortest.
A)eons, epochs, eras, periods
B)eons, eras, periods, epochs
C)periods, epochs, eras, eons
D)epochs, periods, eras, eons
What is organic evolution?
A)the change of organisms over time
B)evolution resulting from chemicals
C)evolution of nonliving things
D)the way organisms remain the same over time
Two organisms look alike but they do not interbreed naturally. They are __________.
A)from different species
B)from the same species
C)both mammals
Which of the following is an example of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection?
A)Insects that blend into trees survive because they are not seen, and thus not eaten, by birds.
B)Giraffes that stretch their necks have necks that grow longer.
C)A breeder of cats specifically chooses cats to breed that have long, white fur.
D)Native Americans do not kill an albino animal because it is thought to be bad luck.
A German shepherd and a Chihuahua look different, but they can interbreed. They are __________.
A)from different species
B)products of natural selection
C)from the same species
D)proof for evolution
Which of the following is an example of how a new species can develop in nature?
A)A dog breeder makes a new breed of dog that looks different from all the others.
B)A scientist in a laboratory develops a new species.
C)A group becomes separated and they evolve until they cannot interbreed with the original population.
D)Two different species develop in such a way that they look the same.
What does the name trilobite mean?
A)three legs
B)three eyes
C)three brains
D)three lobes
How did trilobite eyes develop?
A)They developed into many different forms over millions of years.
B)They developed the same way for all species.
C)They all developed without eyes.
D)They all had complex eye structures.
How can plate tectonics contribute to evolution?
A)Radiation from plate tectonics can cause genetic change.
B)Volcanic eruptions can cause species to become extinct.
C)The movement of plates forces some animals underground.
D)Separating plates can divide groups of a population
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