Focus On Life Science: California Grade 7

Chapter 5: The Process of Evolution

Math Practice

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Find the length of the missing side for the triangle with b = 200 and c = 400.
A ramp was constructed to load a truck. If the ramp is 9 feet long and the horizontal distance from the bottom of the ramp to the truck is 7 feet, what is the vertical height of the ramp?
A)5.66 ft
B)12.5 ft
C)32 ft
D)16 ft
Jackson is 54 miles from Lazy R Resort. Ontario is 31 miles south of Jackson. A land developer proposes building a shortcut road to directly connect Ontario and Lazy R. Find the length of this new road.
A)62 mi
B)6 mi
C)3877 mi
D)85 mi
A television screen measures approximately 15.5 in. high and 19.5 in. wide. A television is advertised by giving the approximate length of the diagonal of its screen. How should this television be advertised?
A)52 in.
B)23 in.
C)519.84 in.
D)35 in.
A 6-ft ladder is placed against a wall with its base 2 ft from the wall. How high above the ground is the top of the ladder?
A)5.7 ft
B)4 ft
C)32 ft
D)8 ft
A ladder is leaning against a wall. Its base is positioned 6 feet from the wall. If the top of the ladder rests against the wall 8 feet from the ground, how long is the ladder? Assume that the wall is at a right angle to the ground.
A)10 ft
B)100 ft
C)16 ft
D)14 ft
Find c, to the nearest tenth, if a = 17 and b = 20.
As part of Lizzie’s training, she must climb a slanted rope net into a tree that is 45 feet high. To the nearest hundredth of a foot, how far away from the tree is the net anchored if the net is 100 feet long?
A)89.30 ft
B)12.04 ft
C)12025 ft
D)145 ft
To train, Alex swims across his pool diagonally every day. If his pool is 4 meters wide, and it is 16 meters diagonally across, how long is his pool to the nearest meter?
A)272 m
B)40 m
C)15.5 m
D)20 m
On Jena’s last hang gliding flight she jumped off a cliff and traveled in a diagonal line for 500 feet before landing 450 feet from the base of the cliff. How high was the cliff to the nearest ten feet?
A)950 ft
B)4530 ft
C)452500 ft
D)218 ft
Grade 7
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