Focus On Earth Science: California Grade 6

Chapter 9: Earth's Atmosphere

Standard Assessment

What percent of incoming solar radiation is absorbed by Earth's surface? 4.a
A)5 percent
B)20 percent
C)25 percent
D)50 percent
What percentage of the Sun's radiation that reaches Earth is reflected back into space? 4.b
A)70 percent
B)50 percent
C)30 percent
D)5 percent
Energy is transferred from the Sun to Earth by _______. 3.d
A)a convection current
B)electromagnetic waves
C)greenhouse gases
D)prevailing winds
The deflection of winds caused by Earth's rotation is called _______. 4.d
A)a Hadley cell
B)the Coriolis effect
C)a convection current
D)the greenhouse effect
The sky looks blue because gases and particles in the atmosphere _______ more than other wavelengths. 4.b
A)absorb blue light
B)scatter blue light
C)scatter yellow light
D)absorb yellow light
An inversion occurs when _______. 4.d
A)cold air is on top of warm air
B)warm air is on top of cold air
C)warm air sinks
D)cold air rises
The transfer of thermal energy in the atmosphere is mainly by _______. 4.d
D)the Coriolis effect
One reason Earth's surface is heated unevenly is that _______. 4.d
A)convection currents only occur near the poles
B)convection currents only occur near the equator
C)different materials absorb different amounts of solar radiation
D)oceans reflect far more sunlight than sand
Convection currents in the atmosphere and oceans are caused by _______. 4.a
A)global warming
B)energy emitted by Earth
C)the Coriolis effect
D)energy from the Sun
Which type of solar radiation is not absorbed by Earth's atmosphere? 4.b
A)visible light
B)infrared waves
C)ultraviolet radiation
D)X rays
Almost all of the radiation emitted by the Sun is ultraviolet light, infrared radiation, and _______. 4.b
A)visible light
C)X rays
D)radio waves
Warm air rises because it is _______ than the cooler air around it. 3.c
A)a poorer conductor
B)more dense
C)a better conductor
D)less dense
Winds are caused when air _______. 4.e
A)emits infrared radiation
B)moves from low pressure to high pressure
C)moves from high pressure to low pressure
D)is a good conductor of heat
Most of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches Earth from the Sun _______. 4.b
A)is reflected back into space
B)reaches Earth's surface
C)is absorbed by the oceans
D)is absorbed by the ozone layer
Convection currents in Earth's atmosphere transport _______ from one place to another. 4.d
A)thermal energy and water vapor
B)ultraviolet waves
C)infrared radiation
D)solar radiation
Grade 6
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