Introduction to Desktop Publishing With Digital Graphics

PowerPoint Presentations

Use these PowerPoint presentations to review key concepts from the Chapters and to view examples of the documents you will be creating in the Chapter.

Using PowerPoint Read Me (24.0K)
Chapter 1 Introducing Desktop Publishing (3575.0K)
Chapter 2 Vector Graphics in Word (2397.0K)
Chapter 3 Introducing Microsoft Publisher (3189.0K)
Chapter 4 Focus on Design Makeovers (2110.0K)
Chapter 5 Introducing Adobe Photoshop (4058.0K)
Chapter 6 Integrating Publisher and Photoshop (4508.0K)
Chapter 7 Introducing Adobe Illustrator (976.0K)
Chapter 8 Integrating Publisher and Illustrator (1477.0K)
Chapter 9 Focus on Teamwork (751.0K)
Chapter 10 Creating Marketing Materials (2804.0K)

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