Mathematics with Business Applications

Games is one of the most popular and entertaining sources for math in the world. It consists of nine Web sites, including,, and

The Stock Market Game

The Stock Market GameTM program combines a fun stock trading simulation using $100,000 of imaginary funds with a rich curriculum portfolio.

Rags to Riches

On Headbone Zone you’ll find the free concert tour game Rags to Riches. In Rags to Riches you’ll rake in as much cash as you can taking a band on a 10 week concert tour. Choose music venues, set ticket prices, record new songs and decide how much to spend on advertising.


Gazillionaire is a cross between Monopoly set in outer space and Wall Street in wonderland. It's a wild, intergalactic game of business strategy. Sophisticated real-world economic tools help you determine where supply meets demand as you race to build your trade empire. Six people can play at a time on the same computer or by email over the Internet. The first company to reach a net worth of a billion kubars wins!

Monopoly Online

Online Monopoly moves much faster than the board game because the computer moves your pieces and handles the bank. All you need to do is click on the dice to roll, and decide which properties to buy or trade.

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