Marketing Series: Hospitality & Tourism

DECA Practice Test: Hospitality Services

Motel or hotel rooms located at ground level and adjacent to the parking lot are known as
A)adjacent rooms
B)adjoining rooms
C)connecting rooms
D)drive-up rooms
The two major classifications of resorts are
A)all-inclusive and standard
B)all-inclusive and limited-service
C)recreational and standard
D)recreational and all-inclusive
Each housekeeper at the hotel carries with her a key that opens all the rooms in his or her assigned section. The key is known as
A)a skeleton key
B)a section master key
C)a housekeeper’s key
D)the manager’s key
A hotel pricing plan that includes two meals with the cost of the room is called
A)the American plan
B)the modified American plan
C)the European plan
D)the modified European plan
When an item needs to be repaired in a guest room the housekeeper fills out a
A)preventive maintenance order
B)section housekeeper’s report
C)maintenance work order
An example of an amenity is
A)clean linens
B)the front desk
C)a robe provided in every room
D)a lighted parking lot
An à la carte menu
A)features several items offered for a single price
B)has items listed separately
C)is based on the concept of special of the day
D)always features desserts served à la mode
Students traveling in Europe often stay in low-cost lodging facilities known as
C)country inns
A preset number of rooms held in reserve by a hotel to prevent overbooking is known as the
A)room block
B)room rack
C)group rate
D)reserve block
When government workers travel, they often stay at budget hotels in order to avoid spending more than they are allowed each day, a sum known as the
A)government rate
B)rack rate
C)per diem
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