Glencoe Physical Science with Earth Science

Unit 2: Motion, Forces, and Energy

Unit Project 3

Design a Space Station

Introduction: The first piece of the International Space Station was launched in 1998. Since then, several additions have been made to the station. It is the first and largest international group project in history. The goals of the International Space Station are to conduct medical research, study Earth's environment, study the long term impact of living in space on humans, and to development new products. In this project, you will have the opportunity to research space stations and then design your own space station on the Moon or on a planet in our solar system.

Task: Working in pairs, you will need to research space stations. Collect information about living in space, the forces that the station will have to overcome during the launch, and additional assembly while in orbit. Draw your designs on a poster board and present them to your classmates. Your presentation should include an explanation of how the design is similar and different from the International Space Station.

Time: 1 class period to complete the research and 1 class period to create the design

Research: Visit these web sites for more information on space stations.

Powering the Future

Space Station Gallery

Basics of life in space

How to build your own paper model?

Living in Space

International Space Station Site

Mars isn't a Simple Planet

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