Business Plan Project Workbook

Business Plan Components

The Management TeamPlan section of the business plan presents your management team’s qualifications for making the venture a success.

The Company Description outlines the company's basic background information, business concept, and goals and objectives.

The Product and Service Plan describes the features and benefits of the business’s products and services.

The Mission and Vision Statementssection of the business plan sets forth the guiding principles by which a company functions.

The Industry Overview addresses the basic trends and growth within those companies providing similar, complementary, or supplementary products and services.

The Market Analysis section of the business plan presents your market research and features a customer demographic profile that defines the traits of the company's target market.

The Competitive Analysis section of the business plan focuses on demonstrating that the proposed business has an advantage over its competitors.

The Marketing Plan describes a company’s marketing mix strategies or how it plans to market, promote, and sell its products or services.

The Operational Plan section of the business plan includes information about all the processes that take place in the business.

The Organizational Plan offers information about the business’s legal structure, methods of and responsibilities for record keeping, human resources, and legal and insurance issues.

The Financial Plan section of a business plan presents past and current finances and financial forecasts and explains the assumptions made when calculating forecast figures.

The Growth Plan looks at how the business will expand in the future.

The Contingency Plan examines the assumptions in the business plan and the greatest risks to the business and suggests plans to minimize the risk.

The Executive Summary recounts the key points in the business plan.

The Cover Page, Title Page, and Table of Contents offer basic information about the company and the structure and contents of the plan.

The Supporting Documents section of the business plan includes items, exhibits, and documentation relevant to the business.

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