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CPMP-Tools Computer Software

Computer software:The use of a spreadsheet, computer algebra system (CAS), and interactive geometry, data analysis, and vertex-edge graph software is incorporated into Course 1 units. The curriculum materials include computer software called CPMP-Tools specifically designed to support student learning and problem solving.

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Click here to download your version of the CPMP-Tools.

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The suite of Java-based mathematical software, includes four families of programs:

 Algebra The software for work on algebra problems include an electronic spreadsheet and a computer algebra system (CAS) that produces tables and graphs of functions, manipulates algebraic expressions, and solves equations and inequalities.
 Geometry The software for work on geometry problems include an interactive drawing program for constructing, measuring, and manipulating geometric figures and a set of custom tools for studying geometric models of physical mechanisms, tessellations, and special shapes.
 Statistics The software for work on data analysis and probability problems provides tools for graphic display and analysis of data, simulation of probabilistic situations, and mathematical modeling of quantitative relationships.
 Discrete Mathematics The software for work on graph theory problems provide software for constructing, manipulating, and analyzing vertex-edge graphs.

In addition to the general purpose tools provided for work on tasks in each strand of Core-Plus Mathematics, CPMP-Tools includes files that provide electronic copies of most data sets essential for work on problems in each Core-Plus Mathematics course. When students see an opportunity to use computer tools for work on a particular investigation, they can select the CPMP-Tools menu corresponding to the content involved in the problem. Then they can select the sub-menu items corresponding to the required mathematical operations and data sets. Each unit overview in the Teacher's Guide provides general information related to CPMP-Tools use in the unit. Technology notes at point of use alert teachers to applicable software and specific data sets included in the software.

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