Glencoe World Geography

Chapter 20: The Physical Geography of Africa South of the Sahara


Many people dream of going on safari in Africa. In this activity you will learn about travel and safari possibilities in the East African country of Tanzania. In this activity you will learn more about Tanzania's many national parks and natural wonders and will read about possible problems that travelers may encounter there.

Destination Title: The Tanzania Tourist Board

Start at the Tanzania Tourist Board Web site.
  • Read the welcome page, and then scroll down to the links at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on and read Basic Facts, Natural Attractions, Safaris, and Travel Advisory.

Using the information you gathered while browsing this site, answer the following questions.

What is unique about Tanzania's wildlife national parks and protected areas?
What is the "northern circuit"? Describe the natural attractions of the northern circuit.
Why is Olduvai Gorge a famous site?
Describe some of the natural features that make the Serengeti National Park world-famous.
You are going on safari in Tanzania. First, draw up a 5-day itinerary of the places you will go and the attractions you will visit. Then make a "to do" list of things you must remember to do before you leave. Make a packing list of things to take with you on your safari (the safari company will supply the camping equipment).
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