Glencoe World Geography

Chapter 7: The United States and Canada Today

Student Web Activities

Sharing the world's longest undefended border, Canada and the United States have developed a close relationship. Like neighbors whose backyards touch, the countries have chosen to become friends, trading with one another and working out differences as needed. In this activity you will learn more about the economic relationship between the United States and Canada.

Destination Title: Canada-United States

Start at the Canada-United States Web site.
  • Click on Trade and Investment. Read this information.
  • Click on Our Shared Environment and read the information presented.
  • Click on and read about Border Cooperation.

Using the information you have gathered from this site, answer the following questions:

How has trade between the U.S. and Canada changed since 1989? What was the cause of this change?
In 2002, what percentage of the United States's exports go to Canada? What percentage of the United States's imports come from Canada?
What are some of the environmental issues requiring cooperation between the two countries?
Why is improving the efficiency of the border a key priority for the United States and Canada?
Using what you have learned in this Web activity and in your textbook studies, create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Canada and the United States. On a sheet of paper, draw two large circles that overlap slightly in the center. In one circle write as many characteristics as you can think of that are specific to the United States. In the other circle write as many facts as you can that are specific to Canada. In the overlapping section, write characteristics that the two countries have in common.
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