Meeks Heit Health & Wellness

Lesson 54: Investigating Health Careers

Self-Check Quiz

Which career choice has the largest number of workers, and provides medical care by giving medication, assisting doctors during exams and procedures, and caring for patients during recovery?
A)Social worker
B)Occupational therapist
C)Registered nurse
D)Physical therapist
Someone you know who has a health problem wants to consult with a health professional about what they should be eating. You recommend that they speak with a __________.
A)social worker
B)physical therapist
D)guidance counselor
If you are interested in a health career that deals with hearing and speech-related problems, who should you shadow?
A)A dental hygienist
B)A health service manager and administrator
C)An emergency medical technician
D)An audiologist
Which of the following health careers has the least amount of contact with people?
A)Occupational therapist
C)Registered nurse
D)Social worker
A Certified Health Educator Specialist (CHES) is a person who ___________.
A)manages a home
B)has completed the certification process recommended for health educators
C)is responsible for guiding another person
D)has received a license by the state to teacher health courses
Why would it benefit you to shadow someone in a job you are interested in?
A)You might learn things about the job that you do not like
B)You will earn credentials toward working in that career
C)You will make a lot of money
D)You'll be able to get a job at that office later
Why is there a growing need for dietitians?
A)The population of elderly people is growing and often they need special care through diet
B)The growing problem of obesity is increasing the demand for professionals who can help with healthy eating
C)a and b
D)They work together with EMTs
Why would medical writer be considered a health career?
A)They need to have a strong knowledge of health and medicine
B)Hospitals and doctors hire them
C)They have to be licensed to write medical information
D)They have to be certified to work
Why is certification or licensing often a requirement of health care careers?
A)To make sure that people are well-trained to perform medical procedures
B)So it is difficult for people to attain
C)So volunteers can't help out in those offices
D)So a person can mentor someone later in life
Which of the following jobs would most likely involve helping disabled persons find health benefits?
A)Medical writer
C)Social Worker
D)Recreational Therapist
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