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Lesson 52: Analyzing Media Messages

Self-Check Quiz

A ___________ is a small electronic device that allows television programs to be blocked.
B)couch potato
Which of the following is a way to decrease the amount of television you watch during one week?
A)Start reading a book of fiction or nonfiction that interests you
B)Join a new club or sport at school
D)All of the above
What is the risk of watching shows that portray casual sexual situations with no consequences?
A)Teens may begin to spend more time watching television than getting physical exercise
B)It can turn you into a couch potato
C)Teens may begin to think sexual activity is "no big deal"
D)It may cause a desensitization to violence
What product sometimes contains a label stating, "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content"?
A)Television sets
B)Video games
D)Music CDs
The effect of reacting less and less after repeated exposure to certain material is called ___________.
B)promiscuous behavior
C)entertainment addiction
Should television and movie producers care about violent content in their media?
A)Yes, no one should make anything with any violence or sexual situations
B)No, adults and children are responsible for themselves
C)No, almost everything is fine for children and adults to see
D)Yes, but only if they promote their products to children
Why would an adult take a young child to the movie theatre to see a movie rated "R"?
A)"R" means appropriate for most children
B)Some adults put their own desire to see a movie over the best interests of their children
C)"R" means appropriate for children over the age of 13
D)Some young children are able to handle the content in a movie rated "R"
Which of the following would be the most beneficial for a 13 year old who is overweight and considered to be a couch potato?
A)Buying his or her favorite DVDs to watch
B)Buying a television for his or her bedroom
C)Buying new video games for him or her when they come out
D)Buying him or her a new bicycle
Why does it matter who paid for media messages you see?
A)A group that promotes physical exercise might help you become more active
B)If it is a group or company with a specific goal or very strong opinion, it may be trying to influence you without openly saying so
C)If it is a group that advocates for consumers, it may help you save money
D)All of the above
Who is responsible for the results when a child watches adult television shows and then begins to use the bad language used in the shows?
A)The child's school, because it should be teaching children not to use bad words
B)The shows' producers, who should know that children might be watching
C)The child's parent or guardian who allowed the child to watch the shows in the first place
D)The child, because he or she should know better
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