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Lesson 49: Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Self-Check Quiz

What is a health risk for employees who work in restaurants that allow smoking?
A)Oral cancer
B)Bladder cancer
C)Lung cancer
D)All of the above
What is a health risk for employees who work in factories or industrial areas that do not protect workers from chemicals and pollution?
A)Oral cancer
B)Ovarian cancer
C)Lung cancer
In a healthy body, cells divide in a(n) ___________ way so the body can heal itself.
Why should you see your doctor if you see a change in a wart or mole?
A)It's an indication of HIV
B)It means you've had too much UV exposure
C)It's an indication of the most common kind of skin cancer
D)It's a symptom of malignant melanoma
Which of the following is a warning sign of cancer?
A)A sore that does not heal
B)Nagging cough or hoarseness
C)Obvious change in a wart or mole
D)All of these
Why is it so important to perform breast and testicular self-examinations?
A)Because benign tumors are the ones you'll find that way
B)It will prevent metastasis
C)They will prevent you from getting cancer
D)Because early detection greatly improves the survival rate of cancer
Exposure to radiation, exposure to certain chemicals, and cigarette smoking are all risk factors for what type of cancer?
B)Skin cancer
C)Oral cancer
D)Cervical cancer
If a person notices blood in the stool when they have a bowel movement and a recent problem with constipation, they should _________________.
A)make an appointment with his or her doctor
B)take his or her temperature to see if they have a fever
C)take a laxative for the constipation
D)eat more fruits and vegetables to solve the problem
How can you help reduce your risk of cancer by knowing your family's health history?
A)a and b
B)By letting your doctor know your family history with cancer, so he or she can watch for early symptoms
C)Having family members who have had cancer decreases your risk of certain cancers
D)You'll know for sure if you are going to get cancer
Which of the following is NOT a way to reduce your chances of developing cancer?
A)Know your family's cancer history
B)Tanning in a tanning booth instead of outside
C)Choose a tobacco-free lifestyle
D)Avoid drinking alcohol
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