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Lesson 46: Reducing the Risk of STDs and HIV

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following statements is true?
A)If you develop Kaposi's sarcoma, you will catch AIDS.
B)The AIDS virus causes HIV.
C)You cannot have AIDS and not be HIV positive.
D)You can have AIDS and not be HIV positive.
How could using noninjectable drugs increase your risk for STDs and HIV?
A)sharing needles is dangerous
B)drug use impairs your judgment and you might do something you usually wouldn't do
C)it will prevent you from being monogamous in the future
D)drug use impairs your ability to use universal precautions
What is dangerous about the fact that there is an 8-11 year delay from HIV infection and the onset of AIDS related symptoms?
A)a person can be infecting others without knowing they have HIV
B)a person can transmit HIV to others
C)during this time HIV antibodies will not show in the blood
D)there is no test to detect HIV during this time
Since chlamydia can be cured with antibiotics, why should you worry about getting it?
A)it can lead to AIDS
B)it is very painfully for everyone who gets it
C)it can cause complications that will prevent you from having children in the future
D)it can cause complications late syphilis or tertiary syphilis
Universal precautions are _______.
A)steps taken to diagnose a STD
B)steps taken to prevent the spread of disease by treating all human blood and certain bodily fluids as if they are contaminated with HIV, HBV, and other pathogens
C)steps taken when a fertilized egg implants in a Fallopian tube instead of in the uterus
D)marriages in which partners have sex only with each other
Why is it important to choose very carefully when going to a tattoo artist or to a place for piercings?
A)this is a common way of getting human papillomavirus
B)if the store does not follow universal precautions, you risk contracting HIV
C)if you are not careful, you increase your risk of trying injectable drugs
D)if the store is dirty, you could catch a cold
Why is it risky to have sex before you are married?
A)it can cause jaundice
B)it may lead to drug use
C)you have no way of knowing if a partner is infected with STDs or HIV
D)a and b
Most states require that the eyes of newborn babies be treated with silver nitrate or other medication immediately after birth to prevent infection in the eye in case the mother was infected with ________.
B)pubic lice
Which of these is not true?
A)HIV can be transmitted form female to female, or male to male
B)HIV cannot be transmitted by shaking the hand of an infected person
C)HIV cannot be transmitted if a male withdraws before ejaculation
D)HIV cannot be transmitted to children
Which of the following STDs can be cured with antibiotics?
A)hepatitis B
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