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Lesson 43: Assessing Treatment Options

Self-Check Quiz

According to the chart, on average what effect do drug treatment plans have on school performance for teens who abuses drugs?
Behavior of Adolescents Before and After One- Year Treatment Program
Drug Use  
weekly marijuana use80.4%43.8%
heavy drinking33.8%20.3%
hallucinogen use31.8%26.8%
stimulant use 19.1%15.3%
School Performance  
regular attendance62.6%74.0%
grades: average or better53.4%79.6%
Criminal Activity  
illegal acts75.6%52.8%
arrests 50.3%33.9%

A)Attendance increases but grades stay the same
B)Attendance increases and grades improve
C)Attendance decreases but grades improve
D)Attendance increases but grades decline
Why might a person need to stay overnight at a treatment facility instead of having regular outpatient care?
A)To keep them away from any kind of drug or substance they might use
B)If there is no outpatient care available
C)This how an intervention works
D)It is less expensive
Which of the following people is acting in the best interest of a drug dependent teen?
A)His mother who doesn't ask what he's doing because she doesn't want to make things worse
B)A friend who helps him lie about taking drugs so he doesn't get in trouble
C)The person who sells him drugs
D)A friend who tells him that if he doesn't stop using drugs that she will go to his parents and make sure he gets the help he needs to stop taking drugs
Why is detoxification only the first step in treating someone who is drug dependent?
A)The person has to fix all the enablers in his or her life, too
B)If the person does not learn ways to behave without drugs or alcohol, he or she will have a relapse
C)You also have to teach the person to use I-messages
D)Then the person has to go to AA meetings
Honest talk is ____________.
A)the straightforward sharing of feelings
B)a school-based program to help prevent and treat alcoholism and other drug dependencies
C)refusing to admit a problem
D)a return to a previous behavior or condition
The first stage of most treatment programs is _____________.
B)formal intervention
Why do some people act as enablers?
A)a and c
B)They don't know that drug use is harmful
C)They may not want the drug dependent person in their lives to suffer because of the drug use
D)It is too difficult to tell the drug dependent person the truth because the person would get angry
Why do schools offer a student-assistance program for teens with drug problems?
A)A student may live in a home where others are using drugs and would not be supported if they wanted to get help
B)A student may not have a regular doctor to go to for help
C)A student may not have anyone else they feel comfortable talking to about their problem
D)All of the above
Detoxification is most like which of the following?
A)Taking a deep breath of fresh air
B)Getting a very restful sleep
C)Washing the dirt and grime out of a soiled shirt
D)Eating a large meal
Unpleasant reactions that occur when a person who is drug-dependant stops taking the drug are called__
A)withdrawal symptoms.
B)detoxification methods.
D)formal interventions.
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