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Lesson 41: Resisting Pressure to Abuse Drugs

Self-Check Quiz

Being high is _______ an excuse for wrong behavior.
D)all of the above
Which of the following statements is a good reason for saying "no" when pressured by peers to use drugs?
A)I don't want to say something I will regret later.
B)I want to think clearly.
C)All of these
D)I don't want to spend time in jail.
A way to be active in your community is to be a peer leader. This involves ____________.
A)pressuring other peers to engage in illegal drug activities
B)teaching peers about what drugs are best to produce a certain effect
C)teaching other students about drugs and how to resist pressure to use them
D)an older student baby-sitting younger students so they are not out on the streets getting into trouble
As a drug-free role model, which of the following is NOT a suggestion you would give to teens wanting to live a drug-free lifestyle?
A)Become a peer leader
B)Learning resistance skills
C)Find ways to boost your self-esteem
D)Keep hanging out with friends who use drugs, but don't use them yourself
If a male has sex with a female at a party when she is so drunk that she can't say "yes" or "no" to the sex, it is called ____________.
A)having bad nonverbal behavior
C)negative peer pressure
D)having poor resistance skills
How can drug use harm your sexual health?
A)It increases the likelihood of getting STDs
B)It increases the likelihood of having sex
C)It increases the likelihood of rape
D)All of the above
Why is it important for you to choose friends who have good character?
A)So you can all become peer leaders
B)So teens will never have to deal with peer pressure
C)So you know your friends have respect for you
D)So the friends will never be tempted to try drugs
Why is it important for a teen to have drug-free role models?
A)So teens will never have to deal with peer pressure
B)So teens can see how others benefit from living a drug-free lifestyle
C)So people will know what teens think about drug abuse
D)Drug-free role models provide negative peer pressure
Why is it a bad idea to go to a party where there will be drug use, even if you do not use drugs there?
A)People will think you have good character
B)People will think you're not cool
C)People who hear about the party will think you did use drugs since you were there
D)You'll have to use your resistance skills
Which of the following statements is true about a friend who pressures you to take drugs with him or her?
A)They are using positive peer pressure because they are your friend
B)A friend would not pressure you to do something that is bad for you
C)They want to be genuine
D)This is negative reinforcement
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