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Lesson 40: Avoiding Drug Dependence

Self-Check Quiz

Why does drug use play a role in the majority of homicides, suicides, and cases of abuse?
A)Crime is also a genetic predisposition
B)Crime is a risk factor
C)It causes people to be in denial
D)Drugs change a person's judgment and behavior
How is drug use related to your sexual health?
A)It increases the risk of STDs
B)It increases the risk of unplanned pregnancy
C)It causes people to be in denial
D)All of the above
A _________ is something that increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.
A)lack of respect
B)genetic predisposition
C)protective factor
D)risk factor
Why would a person deny that they have a drug problem even when it is causing serious problems in his or her life?
A)Because they have a high tolerance
B)Because it is too difficult to try to stop
C)They are just in the experimentation phase
D)Progression to drug dependency includes denial
A drug dependency starts with what stage?
A)Desired effect
Which of the following is the best example of delayed gratification?
A)Using money from a part-time job to buy CDs each week
B)Being resilient when faced with a difficult situation
C)Saving money from a part-time job to buy an iPod
D)Making friends who do not use drugs
Which of the following is not a protective factor?
A)Having a group of friends to hang out with
B)Liking who you are
C)Eating dinner with your parents almost every night
D)Skipping school sometimes to have fun with friends
Choosing to get high instead of going to school in the morning is a form of ____________.
B)delayed gratification
C)instant gratification
D)genetic predisposition
Why would someone who has started to use drugs give up friends who don't use drugs?
A)They don't want to be around people who don't excuse their behavior
B)Because of instant gratification
C)They don't want to be a bad role model for those friends
D)Drugs make you anti-social
A friend's father is an alcoholic. That means your friend may have inherited a(n) ____________ to alcoholism.
A)adverse environment
B)protective factor
C)genetic predisposition
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