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Lesson 37: Choosing an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Self-Check Quiz

Why is there a link between alcohol and violence?
A)Because you have more control when you drink
B)Because of alcohol withdrawal syndrome
C)As a result of denial
D)Because alcohol can make people act differently than they normally would
Which of the following people would have the highest BAC after 2 drinks?
A)A 150 pound female
B)A 115 pound female
C)A 150 pound man
D)A 200 pound man
Which of the following is the correct proof of a beverage that is 12% alcohol?
A)12 proof
B)24 proof
C)80 proof
D)20 proof
How can drinking games be dangerous?
A)It is a form of binge drinking
B)It causes drunk driving
C)You can lose a lot of money
D)You lose a lot of weight
A(n) _________ is an activity in which a person is forced to participate in a dangerous or demeaning act to become a member of a club or group.
A)binge drinking
B)hazing activity
A friend is telling you about a party he went to where he drank so much he couldn't remember what he did there. He threw up at the party. His BAC was probably ________.

BACEffects on the Body
.02 People feel relaxed and become talkative. Social confidence may increase. Thinking and decision making abilities may be impaired.
.05Reasoning and judgment are impaired. People feel relaxed and confident. Speech may be impaired.
.08-.10Reasoning, judgment, self control, muscular coordination, and reaction time are seriously impaired. People can no longer make responsible decisions or walk without staggering. Speech is slurred. In most states, they are considered legally drunk.
.12Loss of coordination and balance. People may become confused, disoriented, and nauseous.
.20Emotions are unpredictable and may change rapidly. People may pass out.
.30A person will have little or no control over his or her mind and body. Most people cannot stay awake to reach this BAC.
.40A person is likely to be unconscious. Breathing and heartbeat slow down. Death can occur.
.50People may enter a deep coma and die.

Why does your body experience a hangover when you drink?
A)A large amount of alcohol in the body takes a long time to be excreted
B)It's a form of withdrawal
C)Because you had a blackout
D)It's a form of cirrhosis
Why is it dangerous to drink alcohol when you are as young as 15 years old?
A)It increases the risk of becoming an alcoholic later in life
B)It's illegal
C)Because you had a blackout
D)All of the above
__________ protects the baby from any alcohol a woman drinks when pregnant.
A)Fetal alcohol syndrome
B)The placenta
D)The umbilical cord
How can someone rid the body of alcohol after drinking?
A)Taking a cold shower
B)Getting fresh air
C)Drinking coffee
D)There is no a way to quickly rid the body of alcohol
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