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Lesson 36: Using Prescription and OTC Drugs Safely

Self-Check Quiz

A contraindication for use is a(n) __________.
A)unwanted body change that is not related to the main purpose of a drug
B)symptom or condition for which the OTC drug should not be used
C)package that is sealed to assure the buyer that the package has not been opened previously
D)symptom or condition for which the OTC drug should be used
Therapeutical equivalence means _______________.
A)OTC drugs are just as safe as prescription drugs
B)the side effects of two drugs are the same
C)a brand name and a generic form of a drug have the same medical effects
D)that there is no contraindication for use
Why are prescription and OTC drugs controlled by doctors, pharmacists, and government agencies?
A)So they can make more money
B)To prevent side effects
C)To promote safe use and prevent drug abuse and misuse
D)To insure tamper-resistant packaging
A drug, such as aspirin, that you can purchase without a prescription is a(n) _____________.
A)prescription drug
B)over-the-counter (OTC) drug
C)herbal remedy
D)illegal drug
What is the difference between an OTC drug and a prescription drug?
A)You can buy an OTC drug without seeing your doctor
B)One has side effects and one does not
C)One is generic and one is a brand name
D)The OTC drug is illegal
Why is it dangerous to take someone else's prescription drug?
A)Because they are expensive and that person may get mad
B)Because you would not have therapeutical equivalence
C)Because the package has been opened
D)You may have a side effect or reaction to the drug and your doctor would not know what you were taking
Why is it risky to useherbal supplements?
A)The FDA does not approve these products before they are sold to the public
B)The makers of these products do not have to show that they have tested them and that they are safe for people
C)Because the package has been opened
D)All of the above
Why would the dose for a medicine be different for one person than for another?
A)This is only true if the drug is taken by absorption
B)Whether the drug is generic or brand-name affects how it works
C)A person's size and weight affect how a drug works
D)It depends on therapeutical equivalence
Which of the following is not a guideline for the safe use of prescription drugs?
A)Do not stop taking the drug if you start feeling better.
B)Report new or unexpected symptoms to your physician.
C)Keep unused prescriptions drugs because you may need them again.
D)Never take prescription drugs that have been prescribed to another person.
Why should you tell your doctor if you experience side effects from taking a certain drug?
A)So he or she can decide if the side effect is dangerous for you
B)Because it means the seal on the drug's package was broken
C)So he or she can call the pharmacist with the information
D)To see if you need herbal supplements to fix the side effects
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