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Lesson 35: Exercising Safely

Self-Check Quiz

Rest, compression, and elevation are components of what?
A)the training zone
B)the RICE treatment
C)the training ceiling
D)the training threshold
If you have had a concussion, why is it so important to rest until it is completely healed?
A)to avoid heat exhaustion
B)due to the risk of second impact syndrome
C)that's how you follow the RICE treatment
D)to avoid an overuse injury
What is the goal of a person training above his or her training threshold?
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A)to follow the FITT formula
B)to avoid getting a side stitch
C)to improve the body's physical fitness
D)to stay active and keep the body systems healthy
Which of the following will keep you from improving your physical fitness?
A)smoking cigarettes
B)knowing your training zone
C)eating more when you are hungry after exercising
D)following the RICE treatment
Drinking water regularly while exercising will help prevent which of the following?
A)heat stroke
B)the principle of overload
C)muscle cramps
D)a and b
If you are going to exercise outside on a summer day, which of the following would you want to check before you begin?

A)b and c
B)the RICE
C)the heat index
D)the PSI
The ________ is the upper limit of overload required to obtain fitness benefits without risking injury or illness.
A)training threshold
B)training floor
C)training zone
D)training ceiling
Which of the following is not a guideline for preventing physical activity-related injury?
A)always wait for one week after an injury to participate in physical activities
B)review first aid procedures and CPR
C)wear protective clothing
D)develop and maintain proper conditioning
After a long tennis match in 100 degree weather, you are extremely tired. You feel cool, moist, and have turned very pale. You most likely are suffering from ________.
A)heat exhaustion
C)heat cramps
How does air pollution affect the safety and effectiveness of workouts?
A)The higher the air pollution, the easier it is to work out
B)The higher the air pollution, the less oxygen gets to your body's cells with each breath
C)The lower the air pollution, the less oxygen in the air
D)The higher the air pollution, the higher the risk of heat stroke
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