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Lesson 33: Participating in Physical Activity

Self-Check Quiz

How does writing a physical fitness plan help you meet your goals for fitness?
A)it will make sure you do your warm-ups and cooldowns
B)you can show it to your doctor or teacher and they will help you stick to the plan
C)it's part of the FITT formula
D)having it in writing will help you stay committed to the plan
Which of the following people is most likely to develop coronary heart disease?
A)someone who gets a small amount of physical activity each week
B)someone who is physically inactive
C)a marathon runner
D)someone who works out 3-5 times per week
High density lipoproteins (HDLs) are also known as ___________.
A)"bad cholesterol"
B)"good cholesterol"
C)substances in the blood that deposit cholesterol to body cells
The development of additional arteries that can deliver oxygenated blood to the heart muscle is called ____________.
A)coronary thrombosis
C)stroke volume
D)coronary collateral circulation
Why would you want to find your target heart rate?
A)so you can find the level of exercise that will be safe and provide you with the most cardiovascular benefit
B)to find your risk level for heart disease
C)to find out your cardiac output
D)so you can follow the FITT formula
Body composition is _________.
A)the force of blood against the artery walls
B)the percentage of fat tissue and lean tissue in the body
C)a painful inflammation of the joints
D)a measurement of bone mass
Regular physical exercise reduces the risk of which of the following?
A)developing a blood clot
B)degeneration of bones later in life
C)a painful inflammation of the joints
D)all of the above
Which of the following is a way to be physically active that does not involve regular exercise or sports training?
A)using stairs instead of an elevator
B)cleaning floors or windows indoors
C)a painful inflammation of the joints
D)all of the above
Regular physical activity reduces the risk of ___________.
A)cardiovascular disease
B)developing high blood pressure
C)premature death
D)all of the above
Why is it important to include static stretching in your warm-up and cool down when exercising?
A)To make sure that you hit your target heart rate
B)To help you meet the FITT formula
C)To help prevent injuries
D)To increase cardiac output
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