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Lesson 29: Maintaining a Healthful Weight

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following examples would result in weight loss for a person who expends 2800 calories per day?
A)Eating 2500 calories of healthful food and 300 calories of chocolate cake per day
B)Eating 3000 calories of healthful foods per day
C)Eating 2800 calories of healthful foods per day with no desserts
D)Eating 2500 calories of healthful foods per day
To _____ is to rid the body of food by vomitting or by using laxatives and diuretics.
Why do you think there are so many different over-the-counter drugs, products, and plans to help people lose weight?
A)Because many people are overweight and want to lose weight quickly
B)They don't have any side effects.
C)Because they have been proven safe for everyone to use
D)Because they all work so well
A mental disorder in which a person has a compelling need to starve, to binge, or to binge and purge, is called a(n) __________.
A)Distorted body image
B)Eating disorder
C)Healthy habit
Would a person with a higher basal metabolic rate be thinner or heavier than a person with a lower BMR?
A)thinner, because BMR shows how healthful a person's diet is
B)heavier, because BMR measures body fat
C)thinner, because BMR measures how quickly a persons burns calories
D)heavier, because BMR measures essential body fat
How is perfectionism related to eating disorders?
A)The desire to be flawless can push a person into healthful eating.
B)It makes people uneasy and they turn to food for comfort.
C)The need to control others can cause a person to want to control what others are eating.
D)The desire to be perfect can lead to a person losing control of his or her need to diet.
One difference between anorexia and bulimia is ______________.
A)one harms health and the other does not
B)teens with anorexia often deny they have a problem, but those with bulimia usually know they have a problem
C)treatment for anorexia includes emotional health but treatment for bulimia does not
D)one is an eating disorder and the other is not
Other than showing it to a physician, why might you keep a journal of the foods you eat each day?
A)To keep track of what you are spending on food each day
B)Because you might notice certain times or places where you are likely to make unhealthful food choices
C)To figure your BMR
D)To show your parents when they ask about what you eat at school
When a person starves to achieve weight loss, the body relies on stored fat for energy. Fat ketosis is the result. This is dangerous and means ___________.
A)a person has increased bowel movements
B)excessive ketones are released into the blood
C)a person experiences an increase in the amount of urine they excrete
D)serotonin levels are increased in the brain
Which of the following is NOT a step to a healthy weight gain?
A)Increase the number of servings from each food group in the Food Guide Pyramid
B)Exercise to increase muscle mass
C)Eat fattening foods all the time
D)Have a physician or dietitian design a plan for weight gain
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