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Lesson 28: Developing Healthful Eating Habits

Self-Check Quiz

Why is person at risk for food-borne illness when he or she tastes cookie dough before it is baked?
A)Because it contains raw eggs
B)Because the butter has not been cooked yet
C)It depends on the kind of cookie.
D)It depends on how long the batter has been at room temperature.
When choosing foods and beverages at a restaurant, you should make food choices based on _________.
A)the Dietary Guidelines
B)whatever your friends are eating
C)your appetite
D)what is the cheapest item
The single most important thing an athlete can do for himself or herself while exercising is ________.
B)drinking a lot of water
C)having salt tablet available
D)eating a lot of energy bars
Why does a person hosting a party need to be concerned with food safety?
A)He or she wil be cooking for others
B)Guests at the party will need clean glasses for beverages.
C)Guests at the party will be sharing food.
D)All of the above
How long can you safely store cold cuts and hot dogs?
A)Three to five days
B)One year
C)Three to five months
D)Five to seven days
When might a salad not be a healthy choice when dining out?
A)When they are very expensive
B)When added items such as cheese, eggs, bacon, and dressing increase the fat and calories
C)Large salads in restaurants usually contains some kind of meat, which contains nitrates
D)When they are very small
Eating a healthful breakfast helps "jump start" your ___________.
Why might it be more difficult to choose healthy foods when eating out?
A)The food there might not be something you would have at home.
B)The portions in a restaurant might be much bigger than what is recommened.
C)The restaurant might make it seem more fun and exciting order their "specialty" than something healthful.
D)All of the above
A(n) ________ is a nutrient that becomes electrically charged when in a solution, such as a body fluid.
Eating when you are feeling stress is very similar to ___________.
A)a person who exercises too much
B)carb loading
C)a person who smokes a cigarette when feeling pressure
D)protein loading
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